Which kind of Travertines do you like?

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Which kind of Travertines do you like?

The scientific name of travertine is travertine, which is a kind of limestone, which is mainly deposited by hot springs. Because of the short generation time, it gets its name because many small air bubbles are retained in the rock. Travertine is often used as a building material. According to research, paving urban sidewalks with travertine can reduce the chance of flooding by up to 50%. Most of the travertines are beige or beige, with mild tones, and parallel stripes bring out rich layers. There are also many richly colored travertines that are increasingly entering the market.

1- Mexican Travertine, also called Roman Travertine in the market. The color is beige. In the Chinese market, many dealers have imported this travertine for use in some projects in China.

Roma travertine 罗马洞

2-  Italian Travertine, the natural light color of this travertine gives people a very peaceful and advanced feeling, and it is also a very bright color used by designers.


3- Silver Travertine from Iran. This travertine has been popular in the market for many years, and it is still widely loved by designers. She has dark and light colors, clear lines, and a perfect mix of silver, brown, and coffee, which makes people marvel at nature magic.

Silver Travertine (2)

4- Red Travertine from Iran. This travertine will come into everyone's field of vision more and more in 2022. And in many international projects, the beauty of this stone has been brought into full play through the ingenious thinking of designers. In the use of outdoor walls, machine-cut surfaces or leather surfaces are used to create the feeling of simple red bricks and the atmosphere of travertine, making the whole building shine. Red has also changed everyone's stereotypes and shines in large-area architectural applications.

Red Travertine (5) 

5- White Cave Stone in China. The color of this travertine is very delicate, but its hardness is harder than that of Italian travertine. There are two types of white bottom and grayish bottom, and the surface of the board has a light texture, which adds to the gentle temperament of the stone. The white bottom style is in short supply in the market, and the gray bottom will be slightly inferior, but it is also very popular with some independent designers. This variety is currently selling very well in the Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Travertine (3)

We are grateful for the uncanny workmanship of nature that makes us have a more colorful world, thanks to the designers for their creative inspiration, let us have the enjoyment of beauty, thanks to those who discovered mines, let us have the opportunity to explore nature, and thanks to all the people involved in mining, They are also an integral part of the whole chain. Hope everyone can make good use of the gift of nature and not waste the precious resources of the earth.