The Uses of Marble Mosaic Tiles

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The Uses of Marble Mosaic Tiles

When you see marble mosaic tiles, you may be drawn to their beauty and unique designs. These tiles certainly are fashionable and definitely can have a place in any home. However, they are much different from standard marble tile. Marble mosaic tiles are created by cutting smaller pieces of natural marble that are then connected into one larger sized tile. The mosaic allows for numerous different patterns created with the natural colors of the marble. When you choose mosaic tiles created from marble mined all over the world, you will find that there are almost limitless options for colors and pattern choices.

marble mosaic


Because marble mosaic tiles are patterned, you might think their applications are limited. They can, however, add interest to almost any room in the house. Consider the following applications. Keep in mind that marble mosaics can be subtle, using white and ivory, or dramatic, using red, brown, or green. Here are a few applications for marble mosaic tiles.


In the kitchen, as a countertop backsplash to emphasize the colors of the counter or flooring.

countertop mosaic

In the bathroom, as tile in showers to make the small space colorful or visually interesting.

mosaic wall

In the house, as tile in foyers or other small entrance spaces. To create interesting wall art or home décor.

As you can see, marble mosaic can be used in a variety of ways throughout your home. The key to using mosaic tile is to use it sparingly so that it does not overpower the space. Use the mosaic tile as an accent and a way to add color to a room instead. Choosing mosaic is also a great way to tie the room's colors together.

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