Something on Application of Natural Travertines

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1-How are travertines formed?

Travertine is a kind of porous marine sedimentary rock.It is limestone that has experienced thousands of years of heavy accumulation.Its main environment is the seabed.This unique natural material comes from the uncanny craftsmanship of nature.Only in an environment with very weak hydrodynamic force at the bottom of the sea or the bottom of a large lake,can the hot springs gushing out from the ground flow smoothly to the surroundings,and the calcium carbonate in it can be evenly precipitated and form beautiful lines.Because its main component is calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate,it is easily dissolved and corroded by water,so many natural irregular holes will appear in their deposits.


Color: mainly in greyish white,beige,yellow,golden yellow,grey,brown,coffee,light red and so on.

Origin: mainly Italy,Turkey,Iran and China.


a. The lithology of the travertine is uniform, the texture is soft and hard, easy to mine and process, light in density, and easy to transport;

b. Travertine has good processability, sound insulation and heat insulation;

c. Travertine has a fine texture, low hardness, and is easy to carve. It is suitable for carving materials and special-shaped materials;

d. Travertine is rich in color, unique in texture, and has a special hole structure, which has good decorative performance.


a. Insufficient strength:due to the common existence of holes,the water absorption rate is increased,while the strength is decreased.

b. Fracture:The biggest safety problem may lie in that  some of the mud lines and belts are the weakest links in flexural strength.

c. Hole pollution: Various pollutants are very easy to penetrate into the stones through the holes commonly exist in the travertine.

d. Swelling and cracking:when used in places where the temperature difference is large,water gas reservoirs in the hole will freeze and expand at low temperatures,which will seriously lead to stone cracking and cause safety problems.

5- Application:

With its unique natural texture,soft and rich colors, travertine is favored by designers, widely used as an excellent material for both interior and exterior decorations, to create a mellow natural space.

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The table and stool can also be customized with travertine, and the natural travertine paving of the main bathroom and guest bathroom creates a primitive feeling of bathing in nature.

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