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Red Travertine Stone

Travertine is a kind of porous marine sedimentary rock.It is limestone that has experienced thousands of years of heavy accumulation.Its main environment is the seabed.This unique natural material comes from the uncanny craftsmanship of nature.Only in an environment with very weak hydrodynamic force at the bottom of the sea or the bottom of a large lake,can the hot springs gushing out from the ground flow smoothly to the surroundings,and the calcium carbonate in it can be evenly precipitated and form beautiful lines.Because its main component is calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate,it is easily dissolved and corroded by water,so many natural irregular holes will appear in their deposits.
Color: mainly in greyish white,beige,yellow,golden yellow,grey,brown,coffee,light red and so on.
Origin: mainly Italy,Turkey,Iran and China.
Finishing: Polished, Honed, Antiqued, Acid-washing…etc.
Gangsaw Slabs: 1200upx2400upx16mm/18mm/20mm
Tiles: any size according to customer's demand.
Stairs: (1100-1600)x(300-350)x20mm/30mm, (1000-1600) x(140-160)x20mm... etc.

Red Travertine Stone

The red travertine stone is a distinctive natural stone known for its orangy-red tone. It has white, dark grey, and light grey mineral inclusions among many other colors.

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Production Description


Red Travertine Stone




Polished, Honed,   Antiqued, Acid-washing…etc.


Gangsaw Slabs:  1200upx2400upx16mm/18mm/20mm

Tiles:any size as per customer's request

Stairs: (1100-1600)x(300-330)x20mm/30mm,   (1000-1600) x(140-160)x20mm... etc.      


strong seaworthy wooden crates/pallet with reinforced straps outside


Commercial & Residential building projects 

Lead time

7-10 days for the first one container after receipt of the deposit


We can accept wholesale and retail. no limit for quantity. But, if quantity is more

than a container, we can give you a discount.

Terms of Payment

(1)    30% deposit by T/T, 70% balance after receipt of the copy B/L

(2)    irrevocable L/C at sight

Products & pictures

Red Travertine (2)

The red travertine stone is a distinctive natural stone known for its orangy-red tone. It has white, dark grey, and light grey mineral inclusions among many other colors.

Red Travertine (5)

With its unique natural texture,soft and rich colors, travertine is favored by designers, widely used as an excellent material for both interior and exterior decorations, to create a mellow natural space.  

The table and stool can also be customized with travertine, and the natural travertine paving of the main bathroom and guest bathroom creates a primitive feeling of bathing in nature.

Red Travertine (8)

Because it requires less maintenance than other forms of natural stone, such as marble surfaces, travertine tile is a popular choice. The only upkeep requirements for travertine are routine dust mopping, mild soap, and little water.

Red Travertine (3)

Red travertine is produced in two forms, wavy and waveless, and due to its color, it can be used to separate different parts of the interior floors of buildings or the courtyard as separator lines. This type of travertine, which is known in European countries as (Red Soraya), has a cheery and beautiful bright color for landscaping parks and gardens, villas, and luxury facades of the buildings.

Red Travertine (1)

The presence of iron carbonate is what gives travertine its various shades of red color. This natural stone primarily develops near the hot springs' mouths or in limestone caves, where it creates a variety of speleothems, or cave structures, such stalactites and stalagmites.

Red Travertine (6)

How to remove the rust and paint from marble tiles?


Whether from nails or steel objects sitting on your marble tiles, rust can mark the stone. Clean it via the use of a poultice. Regularly test areas where metallic touches your marble, as rust can be extraordinarily hard to remove. The faster you observe and smooth it, the better.


Use lacquer and a skinny blade to gently scrape off any paint that might also have landed on your marble tiles. Be very cautious no longer to scratch the stone. For thick paint, use an industrial “heavy liquid” paint stripper, which you can locate at a hardware store.

Marble sets a perfect statement in any entryway or floorspace within your home or a commercial space

Marble is commonly used for  and as a building material, such as hotel project, residential house etc. It usually can be finished with marble flooring tile, marble wall tile, marble medallions, marble columns and pillars, marble countertop, marble vanity top, marble tops, marble slab, marble stairs and riser, marble handrail etc.

Because of our advanced technology we are able to handle completely customized projects, no matter how complex.


Other Available Marble:

1.White Colors:

crystal white, vietnam crystal, thassos white, sivec, ariston kalliston, white volakas, 
carrara white, venata white, arabescato, staturario, milas lilas lilac, 
white jade, oriental white, guangxi white, marmara white, panda white, ariston white, landscape white etc.


2.Beige/Cream Colors:

selvia, galala beige, sunny yellow, sahala cream, sinai pearl, perlino bianco, 
california botticino, sand wave beige, classico giante, perlato svevo, bianco teseo, cicili beige, ivory beige, 

botticino classico, new mimmosa, cappuccina, tiger beige, empire beige, delicato brown, harshin beige, 

dino beige, focus cream, elegant beige, bursa beige, new marfil, omani beige, royal botticino, burdur beige,

central yellow, aran white, cream marfil, indonesia beige, shell beige etc.


3.Grey/Black color:

grey cinderella, bosy grey, jordan grey, bulgaria grey, caesar grey,cicili grey, cyprus grey, italian grey, 

tundra grey, coffee brown, dark emperador, light emperador, China emperador, St laurent, hang grey, 

black marquina, black fossil, silver mink, black portoro, forest brown, forest green etc.


4.Wooden Colors:

white wooden, grey wooden, athens wooden, wooden coffee, black wooden, wooden onyx, daino real, 

sepreggiante, arisan white, rosewood, gold sand, bermarti, morden wooden etc.


5.Red Colors:

agate red, tea rose, rosso verona, rosa zarzi , rojo alicante, rosa valencia, rosa norwegian , rosso levanto etc.

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