Marble Sinks

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Marble Sinks

Marble sink is a kind of high-end sanitary ware products, it is made of marble stone, with natural structure, color, texture, elegant appearance. It is with luxury appearance to catch your eyes.


Marble sinks installation

  Marble sink is a kind of high-end product, it has high demand for installation process. If there is any mistake,  it will result in great losses, so we would like to list the installation steps as below:

1.install the countertop

In generally, the material of countertop is the same as sink, so the marble countertop should be installed before installing the sinks. When installing the countertop, the sages should compare the design size with the drawing, draw the opening line on the desktop according to the hole drawing, and then cut the countertop along the tangent line, and polish the marble countertop to keep it round and smooth.


2. determine position of sink

Put the marble sink into the cut countertop hole, adjust the position, and mark the outline of the sink on the countertop along the edge.


3.Install faucets and drainers

After the outline is marked, remove the basin and install the faucet and drainer.


4. Fixed marble sink

Before fixing, apply glue on the marked contour line, then install the marble sink on the countertop, and confirm the accuracy of the installation position.


5.install water pipes

Wait until the  glue is completely dry before connecting the water inlet and drain pipes.


6.Check for leaks

After everything is installed, turn on the faucet and check the water inlet and outlet of the surrounding pipes for leaks.


The size of the marble washbasin is affected by the size of the bathroom, the size of the countertop and personal needs. Using a marble sink with a reasonable size can not only achieve a certain aesthetic effect, but also improve the convenience of use. Therefore, the size of the marble wash basin cannot be ignored.

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