Luxurious Travertine Stone Bathroom Designs

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Luxurious Travertine Stone Bathroom Designs

                                   Luxurious Travertine Stone Bathroom Designs From China Factory

Travertine is a sedimentary stone that is naturally found in and near freshwater hot springs and comes in a wide range of warm earth tones. Compressed over time into a solid structure, travertine has many fine holes and channels in it from the expulsion of hot water and gasses during formation.

In bathrooms, the usage of travertine tiles has no limits. You can use them for bathroom and shower flooring, wall decoration, around vanities & bath tubs, sinks and even for bathroom counter tops. Homeowners can easily find the color of their choice within the attractively huge range present in travertine.  It is a wonderful stone that has an alluring charm and is quite durable. It is also weather resistant making it suitable for scalding hot showers in the winter to chilled baths in the summer.

 Luxurious Travertine Stone Bathroom Designs

Because travertine is porous and layered, it possesses striking visual qualities that many homeowners value for both floor and wall tile.

Shown here is a travertine stone from PA-SFS Stone for this tiled shower. The black stone is real granite .This product is from PA-SFS STONE factory.

Luxurious Travertine Stone Bathroom Designs

The master bathroom is a combination of travertine and marble. The bathroom floor is 12x12 honed travertine. The wainscotting is a 3x6 tumbled travertine capped with a travertine pencil liner. The shower pan floor and ceiling is a 2x2 tumbled travertine. The walls are a combination of the 3x6 tumbled travertine and 12x12 honed travertine.

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Few material offer the warmth that travertine does. Travertine applications in bathrooms result in an rustic and luxury character in bathrooms.

For bathrooms, hone finished or tumble finished travertines are the best choices. These two finishes are ideal for bathrooms due to their ability to withstand spills most likely to occur in bathrooms.

Travertine tiles offer  a high variety of color and design options are nearly endless.

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