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Grey Granite Wall Stone

Finishing: Flamed, Bush-hammered, Natural Split, Pine-apple…etc.
Wall stone: any size as per customer's request

Grey Granite Wall Stone

The distinctive veining and patterns of marble and granite stone slabs and tiles add to their eternal beauty.The marble was carved by hand by the ancients into sculptures, floors, and wall cladding for their houses or public spaces, giving refinement to their structures.Modern man pays greater attention to the culture of stone and the application of aesthetics, following the trend and the demands of the community.Through the presentation of the beautiful veining and patterns, the architects bring more and more ideal designs, and as a result, there are countless marvellous structures from all over the world.

Our Advantages:
    √ Manufacturer more than 20 years
    √ Prompt Delivery
    √ Customized sizes
    √ Competitive price 

Production Description


Grey Granite Wall Stone




Flamed, Natural Split, Pine-apple…etc.








strong seaworthy wooden crates/pallet with reinforced straps outside



Lead   time

7-10 days for the first one container after receipt of the deposit


We can accept wholesale and retail. no limit for quantity. But, if quantity is more

than a container, we can give you a discount.

Terms   of Payment

(1)      30% deposit by T/T, 70% balance after receipt of the copy B/L

(2)      irrevocable L/C at sight

Products & pictures

Grey Granite,also called mountain grey granite. Grey granite is a kind of floor tile, compact structure, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, good weatherability, can be used for a long time outdoors.

China's famous Grey granite compact structure, hard texture, acid and alkali-resistant, good weather resistance, can be used outdoors for a long time

Granite features also include high bearing capacity, compressive strength and good ductility, easy grinding, cutting, forming, can be produced thin plate, can be made of various surface effects, polishing, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, water treatment, fire and so on. Generally for the ground, steps, steps, eaves mouth base, etc., for interior walls, ground decoration, cylindrical and so on.

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The exterior and interior wall and floor applications, monuments, sills, staircases, worktops, mosaic, fountains, and other design projects are all excellent uses for this granite stone. 

Grey Granite belongs to the group of dense, difficult-to-cut granites. It is extremely expensive and challenging to remove this type of granite from quarries. This granite is positioned among a collection of white-gray stones. On its surface, there are additional spots of peanut colour.

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As one of the most famous granite species in the world, Grey Granite, with its good density, high gloss, and stable color, is very popular in China and abroad. It is very popular among designers and consumers in the international market and is widely used in panels, flooring, countertops, engraving, engineered exterior wall panels, and other applications. Interior wall panels, flooring, plaza engineering panels, environmental decorative curbs, and other materials such as building and garden stone. Since the news of the Grey granite mine closure, its price has been soaring, and its value has become more valuable because of the shortage.

Swimming pool coping stone with anti-slip is functional, durable as well as slip-resistant, making them the perfect option for the outdoor areas of your home. 

Natural granite with a bullnose edge, perfect for pool coping. The exfoliated finish provides a non-slip finish suitable for use as pool paving in any area. 

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We supply various natural granite palisade granite steps granite products and marble slabs (including Brazilian, Indian, Chinese and other Asian materials) with good quality and good prices.

Available Colors:

u  White: G655, G365, G2201, Lily White, Seawave White, Tiger Skin White, White Galaxy, Solar White, White Rose and so on.

u  Grey: G603, G602, G640, G654, G2102, G2119, G633, Hainan Andersite, Negro Santiago, Royal Santiago, Steel Grey and so on.

u  Black: G684, Mongolian Black, China Black, Hainan Basalt, Angola Black, Black Galaxy, Indian Black, Cosmic Black, Titanium, Impala Black, Black Pearl, Vietnam Black and so on.

u  Yellow: G682, Misty Yellow, Giallo, G350, Royal Golden, Navajo Gold, Imperial Gold, Lapidus, St. Cecilia Classic, African Persa, African Bordeaux, New Venetian Gold and so on.

u   Red: G562 (Maple Red), G561, Sanbao Red, Rosa Porrino, GL Red, G361, G363, G368, TS Red, JX Red, Tiger Skin Red, G627, G687, G635, G636, G354, Chinese Paradiso, Isora Red, African Red and so on.

u   Brown: G664, G648, Tan Brown, Baltic Brown, Caledonia, Tropical Brown and so on.

u  Green: G612, New Tunas Green, Butterfly Green, Emerald Pearl, Ubatuba, Verde Butterfly and so on.

u   Blue: Butterfly Blue, Blue Pearl, Azul Macaubas and so on.

About us

Xiamen Pan-Asian SFS Stone Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive stone enterprise mainly engaged in quarry mining, stone manufactory, project decoration, import and export business.


Originated from Xiamen SFS Stone,Co,Ltd, it has over 20 years of experience in stone production and export. Due to the company business system upgrade and integration, it has the new company name Pan-Asian SFS. However, our team remains the same, and we will always adhere to the philosophy of "professional, service and teamwork"  to keep on the integrity management and steady development. 

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