Green marble

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Green marble

Green is the color of nature. It is the color of vegetation, plants, and energy, and it is also the original appearance of the world. Seeing green, you seem to be able to feel a kind of energy, a kind of return, stability, and energy full of vitality at the same time.

Green marble is the first choice for home decoration that is highly praised by the public today.

Then where is the green marble can be used in home decoration?

It can be used for background walls, countertops, stair steps, coffee tables, etc. Use the most natural colors to create an luxury sense for home decoration. Let's take a look at how to maximize the light and luxurious attributes of green marble!

Background wall

The natural texture of marble creates a green and comfortable space.

green marble-background wall


the visual effect brought by marble is fashionable and luxury, which can promote the grade and gorgeousness of the space. Applying it on the dining table can also make the dining atmosphere more dignified and elegant.

green marble-countertops


Introducing green marble into the staircase design to create a unique style which can not only make the room noble and unique, but also add natural colors to give the space a fresh taste

green marble-stairs

Side table

As a supporting role in the living room, the side table is responsible for beauty. A well-designed side table can not only eliminate the sense of cramped space, but also can brighten up the living room.

green marble-side table


Green marble makes the whole space clean and elegant. This natural green may help people relax.

green marble-bathroom