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G654CB-M Dark Grey Granite

Color: G654 granite typically exhibits a consistent dark grey or blackish-grey color. The exact shade can vary somewhat, but it is generally quite dark.

Texture: This granite has a fine to medium-grained texture, which gives it a smooth and polished appearance when it is cut and finished.

Durability: G654 is known for its high durability and resistance to wear and tear. It is a dense and hard stone, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Finishes: G654 granite can be finished in various ways to achieve different aesthetics, including polished, honed, flamed, bush-hammered, and more. Polished finishes bring out its shine, while a flamed finish gives it a textured appearance.

G654CB-M Dark Grey Granite

G654 is a type of granite that is known for its dark grey to blackish-grey color. It is a popular choice for a variety of construction and landscaping applications due to its durability and attractive appearance.

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Production Description


G654CB-M Dark Grey Granite


Dark Grey



Polished, Honed, Flamed,  Sandblasted, Bush-hammered, Natural Split, Pine-apple…etc.



Gangsaw Slabs:  120upx240upx2cm/3cm

Small Slabs:  60x200upx2cm/3cm70x220upx2cm/3cm...etc.

Tiles:  60x30x3cm, 60x40x3cm, 60x60x3cm…ect.

Steps: Lx35x15cm...

Palisades: Lx20x8cm, Lx25x10cm, Lx20x6cm....

Kerbs:    any size as per customer's request

Swimming pool: any size as per customer's  request


strong seaworthy wooden crates/pallet   with reinforced straps outside



Lead time

7-10 days for the first one container after receipt of the deposit


We can accept wholesale and retail. no   limit for quantity. But, if quantity is more than a container, we can give you a discount.

Terms of Payment

(1)    30% deposit by T/T, 70% balance after receipt of the copy B/L

(2)    irrevocable L/C at sight

Products & pictures

G654CB-M (6)

G654CB-M (15)

G654 dark grey granite can be used in various applications to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are some common ways to use G654 granite:

  1. Countertops: G654 granite is an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops due to its durability and resistance to stains and scratches. Its dark grey color can complement various design styles.

  2. Flooring: Install G654 granite as flooring material in residential or commercial spaces. Its hard and dense nature makes it suitable for high-traffic areas, and its dark color hides dirt and wear well.

  3. Paving: Use G654 granite for outdoor paving projects, such as walkways, driveways, and patios. The stone's durability ensures it can withstand outdoor weather conditions and heavy foot or vehicular traffic.

  4. Wall Cladding: Enhance the appearance of both interior and exterior walls by using G654 granite as cladding material. It adds a natural and elegant look to buildings and can be used in various design styles.

  5. Steps and Stairs: Construct steps and staircases using G654 granite for both functional and decorative purposes. Its non-slip surface and durability make it a safe choice for this application.

  6. Fireplace Surrounds: Create a stunning focal point in your living space by using G654 granite for fireplace surrounds. The dark color and polished finish can provide a sophisticated and timeless look.

  7. Monuments and Memorials: Due to its durability and resistance to weathering, G654 granite is often used for creating monuments, headstones, and memorials in cemeteries.

  8. Water Features: Incorporate G654 granite into the design of outdoor water features like fountains or water walls. Its natural appearance can complement the aesthetics of garden or landscape designs.

  9. Tabletops: Craft tabletops or outdoor furniture using G654 granite for a stylish and long-lasting addition to your patio or outdoor dining area.

  10. Architectural Details: Use G654 granite for architectural elements such as columns, balustrades, and decorative moldings to add an elegant touch to buildings and structures.

G654CB-M (16)

G654 granite swimming pool tiles are a popular choice for covering the surfaces of swimming pools and pool decks. These tiles are made from G654 dark grey granite, which is known for its durability and attractive appearance.  Granite swimming pool tiles come in various sizes and shapes. Common sizes include 12x12 inches, 18x18 inches, and 24x24 inches, but custom sizes can also be manufactured. The tiles can be square or rectangular in shape.

G654CB-M (2)

G654CB-M (8)

G654 granite cube stones are small, square or rectangular blocks made from G654 dark grey granite. These cube stones are commonly used in various landscaping and hardscaping applications due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. We can supply all different size of Cubes, such as 8x8x8cm, 9x9x9cm, 10x10x10cm, 10x10x8cm, 16x16x12cm...etc.

G654CB-M (5)

G654CB-M (13)

When using G654 dark grey granite, consider the following tips:

  • Sealing: Depending on the specific finish of the granite and its intended use, you may need to apply a sealer to protect it from staining. Consult with a professional for guidance on sealing.

  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep G654 granite looking its best. Use mild, pH-balanced cleaners and avoid abrasive cleaning materials that could scratch the surface.

  • Installation: Hire a professional installer experienced with working with granite to ensure proper installation and minimize the risk of damage during the process.

  • Design Coordination: Consider the overall design and color scheme of your space when using G654 granite to ensure it complements the existing or planned decor.

  • Safety: When using G654 granite for outdoor applications like steps and stairs, prioritize safety by ensuring slip-resistant surfaces and proper installation.

Always consult with professionals in the field of stone installation and design to make the most of G654 dark grey granite in your projects.

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