Characteristics of marble

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Characteristics of marble

Marble is a very important material in modern decoration. It is widely used in the ground, wall, various decorative carvings, fireplace decoration, many luxury hotels, luxury store decoration, villa decoration are inseparable from it. 

In recent years, more and more marble furniture has also appeared in the market, such as marble table top, marble coffee table, marble tray, marble cigar tray, marble bathroom furniture, marble bathtub and so on.

As a widely used natural stone material, here are the characteristics of marble.


(1) Strong decorative execution. Marble offers vivid, vibrant colors and is radiation-free. Interior walls and floors are frequently decorated with it. 

has exceptional processing abilities, including those for drilling, engraving, polishing, sawing, and cutting. 


(2) Marble has a good wear resistance, does not easily age, and typically has a service life of 50 to 80 years. 


(3) Marble is frequently utilized in industry. For instance: purification agents, raw ingredients, etc.


(4) Non-conductivity, non-magnetic conductivity, and steady field potential are properties of marble.

qualities of marble All naturally occurring, polishable calcareous rocks are collectively referred to as marble from a commercial standpoint. 

Marbles should be categorized because not all are appropriate for all architectural applications.


properties of marble From a business standpoint, marble refers to all naturally occurring, polishable calcareous rocks. 

Since not all marbles are appropriate for all architectural settings, they should be divided into four groups: A, B, C, and D. 

This technique of classification is particularly appropriate for the relatively fragile C and D marbles, which need careful handling either before or during installation.

The salient characteristics of marble are:

1. Marble is undamaged

The rock has a homogenous structure, a very low linear expansion coefficient, and the internal tension fully vanishes without deforming during extensive natural aging.

2. Marble has a great degree of hardness.

High hardness, excellent wear resistance, good rigidity, and minimal thermal deformation.

3. A lengthy service life is a marble attribute.

There is no need to apply oil, it doesn't attach to fine dust easily, it's simple to maintain, and it has a long lifespan. No scratches will occur, 

steady temperature conditions won't prevent it, and it can keep its original physical characteristics at room temperature.

4. Marble lacks magnetization

It may move freely during measurement, is unaffected by moisture, lacks stagnation and astringency, and the plane is clearly defined. 

Physical characteristics 2970–3070 kg/m3 for specific gravity Strength in compression: 2500–2600 kg/cm2. Water absorption elasticity coefficient: 1.3-1.5106 kg/cm2.