Why are there so many colors in natural marble?

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Why are there so many colors in natural marble?

We are aware that several types of minerals combine to make natural stone. Natural stone has vibrant hues and textures as a result of the variety of mineral components it contains, as well as their types and amounts. For instance, marble comprises a variety of other minerals in addition to calcium carbonate, which is the main consolidation component. The marble's vivid hue is a result of these viscous particles melting into the calcium carbonate during stone creation. These gummy substances are also used as natural stone colors for granite, slate, travertine, and sandstone.

Black: biotite, hornblende, carbon

As one of the purest colors, black possesses a strong abstract expressiveness that surpasses the depth of any color. It seems to be the limitation of imagination, but in fact, black can be unlimited imagination.

Nero Tempesta 劳伦黑金

Brown: limonite

Brown is not as lively and brisk as light colors, nor is it calm and domineering as dark colors. The rich brown color makes people feel like a cup of hot cocoa in a cold wind, warm enough to dispel the biting chill. The lingering mottled texture on the surface is like the unique imprint carved by the years on the coffee-colored marble, which is the unique retro elegance of brown.

Venice grey 威尼斯棕

Gray: various minerals

Gray marble is low-key and fashionable, but also full of mystery. It is a more popular stone color in recent years and is favored by some villa owners.

New Cyprus Grey 新塞浦路斯灰

Green: mica, chloride, silicate

Green stone shows the natural freshness. For a long time, green stone has been widely used in interior decoration. The faint green creates a dreamy and fresh home decoration, highlighting the stunning charm!

Shangri-La Jade 香格里拉翡翠 (1)

Red: Hematite

Red has a warm color sense, strong and outgoing personality, and is easy to attract people's attention. Among many colors, red is the most vivid and enthusiastic color. Therefore, red is also the emotional color that represents enthusiasm.


White: feldspar, calcite, dolomite

The pure and soft texture of the white stone combined with the elegant and natural veins makes people love it, and is endowed with sacred and pure meanings by people. Maybe you think the white decoration is too monotonous, maybe you think its color is too common. However, among all the color combinations, white has always been an eternal classic, allowing you to experience inner peace in the complicated city life.

Volacas 爵士白

Yellow: Limonite

Yellow natural stone is more popular, and its color is mild, making people feel warm and forget the cold feeling of stone. Especially now that the local tyrants are popular in gold, yellow represents extravagance and wealth, which is both popular and durable.

Creama Mafil 西米

Colorful marble is a gift from nature. We should appreciate the beautiful stone and protect the earth and resources.