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P018, Culture Stone Slate Products Chinese Cheap Slate

1,Surface finish: polished, honed, tumbled, antiqued, split etc.
2, Main features:
1) culture stone, no radiation
2) frost-proof and non-flammable
3) acid-proof and alkali-proof
4) resistant to fading, staining and discloration
5) washable and durable
3, It can be used for garden, wall etc.
4, Different kinds of mosaics can be mixed for your individual style.

P018, Culture Stone  Slate Products Chinese Cheap Slate

 Our Advantages:

    √ Manufacturer more than 20 years
    √ Prompt Delivery
    √ Customized sizes
    √ Competitive price

Production Description


Black quartzite-Z

black quartzite-antique


cream white slate


We supply various natural granite, marble slabs (including Brazilian, Indian and Chinese materials) with good quality and good prices.

Available Colors:

u   White: G602, G640, G655, Seawave White, Tiger Skin White, White Galaxy, Solar White, White Rose and so on.

u   Grey: G603, G654, G2102, G2119, G633, Hainan Andersite, Negro Santiago, Royal Santiago, Steel Grey and so on.

u   Black: G684, Mongolian Black, China Black, Hainan Basalt, Angola Black, Black Galaxy, Indian Black, Cosmic Black, Titanium, Impala Black, Black Pearl, Vietnam Black and so on.

u   Yellow: G682, Misty Yellow, Navajo Gold, Imperial Gold, Lapidus, St. Cecilia Classic, African Persa, African Bordeaux, New Venetian Gold and so on.

u   Red: G562 (Maple Red), Tiger Skin Red, G687, G635, G636, Chinese Paradiso, Isora Red, African Red and so on.

u   Brown: G664, G648, Tan Brown, Baltic Brown, Caledonia, Tropical Brown and so on.

u   Green: G612, New Tunas Green, Butterfly Green, Emerald Pearl, Ubatuba, Verde Butterfly and so on.

u   Blue: Butterfly Blue, Blue Pearl, Azul Macaubas and so on.

Available Products:

Slab -- Tile -- Cut-to-size -- Counter tops -- Stairs -- Kerbstones -- Tombstones -- Carving and so on.

About us

      Xiamen Pan-Asian SFS Stone Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive stone enterprise mainly engaged in quarry mining, stone manufactory, project decoration, import and export business. 

     Originated from Xiamen SFS Stone,Co,Ltd, it has over 20 years of experience in stone production and export. Due to the company business system upgrade and integration, it has the new company name Pan-Asian SFS. However, our team remains the same, and we will always adhere to the philosophy of "professional, service and teamwork"  to keep on the integrity management and steady development.


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