Marble furnishing articles

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Marble furnishing articles

What marble stone impressed people is always its characteristic veins and many potential shades, including white, grey, black, and green. It is widely used in civil construction for interior decoration , floors, and some facades. But now, marble furnishing articles seems to be a new trend in interior design, it is not talking about marble furniture, it  is about the ornaments in all the corners of our home.

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There are various designs of marble furnishing articles, such as marble vases, marble trays, marble ashtrays, even marble chargers! Marble furnishing articles can add the right atmosphere to the space, either in accordance or in contrast to the overall colour scheme. On the other hand, it makes a normal design more interesting if it is made with natural stone, for example, a bag with green marble~

Marble bag

Various of marble furnishing articles can be brought into office or home, like candle holders, small or bigger bowls, trays in a variety of shapes and sizes, wall clocks and picture frames.

marble clocks

It is an absolute joy to explore this amazing timeless material and seek new, up-to-date ways to integrate it in our modern life.

As a marble supplier, PAN-ASIAN SFS offers a wide range of marble slabs, tiles and mosaics , all of them suitable for any application in an interior space. Furthermore, a team of experts with deep knowledge on the material can help you choose the appropriate marble for your project.