Do imperfections mischaracterize natural stones?

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Do imperfections mischaracterize natural stones?

I have a question for you: do imperfections mischaracterize natural stones?


My answer is definitely no. Because imperfections do not compromise the structure of the material or alter its functionality.


Just like a diamond, there are slight variations and “imperfections” in natural stones we use to make countertops. It’s these imperfections that make your countertop perfectly wonderful! The slight variations from each piece we use is beautiful, unique and valuable. This uniqueness can result from anything that can be, heat, pressure, mineral makeup, volcanic activity or weather.


If you want consistent material with no variations or imperfections in your surface, you are looking for engineered stones. Now, if your taste is a bit savvier and exclusive, you probably have your heart set on a gorgeous piece of natural stone.


Most marble or granite slabs will have some naturally occurring imperfections, which can include color and shade variations, dull spots, fissures, voids, pits, irregular markings, lines, etc. These imperfections will not compromise the integrity of the stone. But definitely make it unique!


The stone buyer's perspective might be that “flaws” in natural stone could take away from its quality and elegance of their design. We are here to make the accepting & embracing the imperfections in natural stone.