Company Holds Opening Ceremony Post-Chinese New Year

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Company Holds Opening Ceremony Post-Chinese New Year

Following the Chinese New Year festivities, our company held a grand opening ceremony to mark the beginning of the new year, wishing for prosperity and success ahead. Gathering at this moment filled with hope and challenges, we come together to embrace the opportunities and inject fresh vigor into our company's endeavors.

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The opening ceremony not only symbolizes a formal start but also signifies a new beginning. In the upcoming year, we will uphold the spirit of unity, perseverance, innovation, and dedication, rallying together to overcome challenges and make valuable contributions to the company's development.

Let us journey forward hand in hand, writing a new chapter of success together! May the new year bring prosperity and abundant opportunities for our business!

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Here I would like to introduce my company again:

Xiamen Pan-Asian SFS Stone Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive stone enterprise mainly engaged in quarry mining, stone manufactory, project decoration, import and export business. 

PA-SFS is not only specialized in the Chinese stones, but also a few stones from other Asian countries. It is mainly supplying a full range of products include tiles,steps,palisades,

kerbstones,cubes,wallstones,cladding,culturestone,monuments, sculptures and other customerized  products, which are suitable for indoor decoration and outdoor construction. 

We will always adhere to the philosophy of "professional, service and teamwork"  to keep on the integrity management and steady development.