What Are The Qualities Of Good Stone?

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What Are The Qualities Of Good Stone?


Stone coverage, which can also be understood as fullness or thickness. It was said that the ground should be visually inspected for pinholes and small cracks on the ground. They are completely covered in a plane, and the fullness and thickness can be achieved. Products, you can still see the small cracks by visual inspection, but the pinholes are not visible, the fullness, and the thickness is obviously not enough. The pinholes and small cracks can still be seen, then there is nothing to say about the fullness, thickness, this Inferior quality and unqualified products.

In the past, the industry has misled the use of photometers as the only standard for testing the quality of stone and ceramic finishes. Obviously, it is a very wrong kind of misleading, and the focus of the problem is a very irresponsible performance, and it is an upside down. The bright finish of stone and ceramic nursing finishes is actually very important. It includes many substantive problems in the use process. The 9 points mentioned above are indispensable in the actual use process. Measured by the photometer, it is just the throughput or reflectivity of the light. From this point we can understand that the greater the reflectivity, the stronger the light refraction, the stronger the light refraction, the stronger the light pollution, for our children and grandchildren For the healthy growth of future generations, we should work together to resist light pollution. What we advocate is high definition, low reflectivity, resistance to light pollution, and the establishment of a green environment. The European Union has already enacted new regulations on light pollution. Regardless of whether the indoor and outdoor walls and the floor light reflectance can be greater than 80 degrees, light pollution is defined as exceeding this range, because the greater the reflectance value, the stronger the light pollution, the contractor must accept To heavy penalties.

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The quality of the stone must be: light is not shining, moist but not slippery, clear and transparent, high definition, low reflectivity, resist light pollution, green and environmental protection, listen to digital effects and speak with your eyes.