The application of stone in home decoration

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The application of stone in home decoration

Each kind of stone has its own "appearance" which cannot be copied, and also shows a different temperament. In recent years, stone is widely used in the design and manufacture of furniture. Because of its natural texture, as well as dirty and heat resistant and other advantages, it mainly used in dining tables, TV cabinets, closets, chairs, lamps, tea trays, daily decorations and other furniture items.


Stone furniture in the choice of accessories is also more delicate, marble can be matched with wood products, sandstone with glass accessories have a good reflection effect.

With the involvement of the designer, stone furniture also towards the development of high-quality, artistic, diversified direction.  Stone furniture is increasingly popular with consumers.


The most important thing to choose stone furniture, is to match with the overall tone. A good match makes the home harmonious and atmospheric. For example, sandstone can be used for modern style or simple European style. Here are some pictures for your reference.

Travertine Furniture


Marble furniture

Stone Furniture

Daily decorations

daily deco.