What is the best choice for tombstone material

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What is the best choice for tombstone material


Granite is the best material for tombstone. It's known for their durability. Granite is practically the hardest stone. Any granite will last forever. The granite monument should retain its appearance and weight for at least 100000 years.


Granite is available in variety natural colors. The main materials are Shanxi Black, Indian Black, Aurora, Multicolor Red, Bahia Blue, bash Paradiso,G603, G654, G664, Blue Pearl, Oliver Green, Chinese Juparana. Additionally, almost any shapes can be tailor-made, you could even print pictures on granite. The area with the best handicraft skills is Hui'an in Fujian Province. So most high-quality tombstones are exported from Xiamen Port.

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In the last 20 years, the price of granite has decreased significantly. This is mostly a result of the industry's ongoing technological development and pricing competition.