Some useful tips of applications of the roughly-finished granite products.

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Some useful tips of applications of the roughly-finished granite products.

Roughly-finished granite products are often used for squares,exterior walls and other positions.With the development of the times and the changes in people's aesthetics, the application of roughly-finished stone is also more widely used. However, the disadvantages of roughly-finished granite are also obvious: it is easy to hide dirt, and it is difficult to process in daily cleansing and maintenance.

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There are many types of roughly-finished granite products,and  we would take the most common and representative flamed products as an example,to show how to process the cleansing and maintenance.

“Flamed”refers to that the surface of granite is exposed to the short -term high temperature flames. Using different thermal expansion and contraction rates of the internal crystals inside the granite, it collapses a pit with different depths and the rough surfaces formed.

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                                      Flamed Surface


The flamed granite has obvious advantages and disadvantages in practical applications due to the wide use and large volume.


A. Advantages:

The flamed surface is naturally rough,compared with other surfaces,which is closer to the natural color and pattern of stone,and the decorative effect is good;

The flamed surface is rough and used for many occasions such as squares and streets with good non -slip ability. This is especially important for the elderly and children;

The flamed granite has high hardness, high abrasion resistance, high compression resistance, and stable chemical properties. In the environment of sun exposure, rain, rain and snow, it is solid and durable.




The flamed surface is pit -shaped, rough, and it is easy to hide dirt and get polluted.Dirt,dust, soil, gum and other substances are easily stranded in the concave pit on the surface;

The concave pits of the flamed surface are equivalent to large and small funnels, and water is easy to stay in it. The general protective agent has a good water -deducting effect on the polishing surface, but on the flamed granite, this water cannot be changed.

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Compared with polishing surface,it is not easy to get ride of dirt and other substances off hidden in the pits of flamed surface in daily cleansing and maintenance.


 A few tips of the applications and maintenance of flamed granite.

1) Increase the thickness for outdoor use:

Outdoor granite should increase the thickness of the board according to the needs of different environments. If the indoor is not load -bearing area, a plate of 2 ~ 2.5cm can be used, but the outdoor non -load -bearing areas should be panels of 3 ~ 5cm, and the outdoor heavy load area should be used with a thickness of 5 ~ 10cm thickness.

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1) Make some sealing treatment with the joints.

2) The granite placed in important occasions should be with the joints sealed. When dealing, use silicone sealing and note at the joints between the stone for sealing.It is a crucial to use a seal film formation protective agent in the protection treatment process.

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3) Cleaning the flamed surface with a high-pressure water-jet facility.

4) Some cor-poxy color protective agent can be also used for treatment.