How To Prevent Rust Of Stone

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How To Prevent Rust Of Stone

When we use the stone for a long time, if there is no maintenance, there will be rust spots, which affects our normal use and the appearance of the image. In order to strengthen our own use, here is how to prevent the emergence of off-work Right.

1. Due to the stone itself, the iron content of each natural stone is different. When the water enters the stone, it will contact with the iron and it will chemically react with the iron for a long time. At this time, the rust is difficult to remove If it is serious, it needs to be replaced in time. If the rust is light, you can use a strong scavenger, which will not damage the stone and easily remove the rust.

2. Another reason is that after the stone processing is completed, the iron scraps remaining on the surface of the stone are not washed away.

Remind everyone to do protective treatment after removing rust, so that not only can prevent moisture from intruding into the stone, but also make the stone increase the service life and strengthen the toughness.

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How to Remove Rust From Stone or Flagstone

  • Step 1. Clean off the stone or flagstone. Sweep it clear of debris with a wire brush...

  • Step 2. Treat rust stains with lemon juice. Do this on a sunny day.

  • Step 3. Mix up an oxalic acid (wood bleach) solution to tackle stubborn stains.

  • Step 4. Submerge the stone (if you are able to lift it)